Food is an international language that connects us. It brings people together by linking generations through heritage: building culture, community and identity. Through power, food can become accessible and available to all people regardless of background, identity or resources. However, the food system is complex and sometimes difficult to understand. How can we advocate for a better food system if we do not understand it?

Together with an international community of food scholars, storytellers, researchers, journalists, advocates, food industry experts and designers I had the opportunity to take part in the LexiconLab project, a project using storytelling as a means to create change.

In dialogue with case studies from various countries, the project explored issues ranging from sustainable food production, ways of understanding the connection between people and nature, behavioural change, branding, policy-making, and food security. Together we created the art exhibition “People Practice Power,” an exhibition that premiered at the G7 Agriculture Summit in Bergamo in October 2017.

Watch a recap of moments from the project in the video below.

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