Bybonden (The City Farmer)

The city of Oslo recognized the need to reconnect their citizens to the land, so they elected a BYBONDE to help consumers access better food and more local produce.

“If you have facilitated the journey from soil to the table and back to soil again, if you have sown, tended, reaped and shared the fruits of the soil, you will be filled with respect for our food, for the soils and the people who devote their lives to bring the food to your table.”

The city farmer’s mission is to get as much dirt under as many nails as possible, and inspire as many people as possible to cultivate urban spaces. His days are packed with people wanting to learn, learning to grow, and growing together through cooperation, knowledge sharing, and sensorial experiences.

This is an artwork I made through the Lexiconlab project, a project that ended in an exhibition at the G7 of Agriculture in Bergamo this year. Find out more here.

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